The Road to Hana

If you make it to Maui then you must drive the road to Hana. Some will call it the Hana Highway but this is no expressway. It is a narrow ribbon of road that hangs tight to the Maui cliffs as it slithers around some 600 curves and across 59 bridges most of which are just one lane wide. If you drive on past Hana the road turns into more of a path, the eco system changes to a more Kona like coast, and the cows graze freely. Eventually, you will return to civilization on the Piilani Highway.

Of course you may not want to return to civilization once you see the views along the Hana Highway. On the right will be the cliffs and to your left will be the azure Pacific Ocean kissing the black-sand beaches of Maui. If possible, take a tour van so you can admire the plunging waterfalls, the lush jungle of taro plants, bamboo and fruit trees and the quite limpid pools without having to watch the road.

If you are a film buff then there is a good chance you have seen part of the Hana coast. Near mile marker 10 is the Garden of Eden Arboretum and Botanical Garden, a 25-acre park that was featured in the opening sequence of Jurassic Park. We learned this after we stopped. We were in need of a nature break and this was the nearest stop. It is a beautiful park and well worth the time to look around and to enjoy the views.

I could go on with recommendations for waterfalls, pull overs and beaches but perhaps it is better to just share a few photos from our drive. Enjoy!



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