Welcome to Get My Traveling Shoes. I am Michael D. Parsons and this is my blog. John Mellencamp’s “The Real Life” provides a template, if not fully accurate summary, of my life in the lines:

“Jackson Jackson was a good kid
He had four years of college and a bachelor’s degree
Started workin’ when he was 21
Got fed up and quit
When he was 43
He said, “My whole life
I’ve done what I’m supposed to do
Now I’d like to maybe do something for myself
And just as soon as I figure out what that is
You can bet your life I’m gonna give it hell”

Unlike Mr. Jackson, I have a BS, MS and a Ph. D. I enjoyed my work.  Still, it was frightening, and depressing, to watch my faculty and administrative colleagues work year after year without any life outside their work. I wanted more and at 62 I decided to retire and pursue my passions while I was still young enough and healthy enough to do so. I am fortunate to have a very supportive wife who shares similar passions.

My passions are cycling, art and travel. Follow this blog and you will learn more about my adventures with all three. You can also watch the blog grow as I add new posts, a VLOG, a YouTube channel, Instagram, and Twitter.  My approach will be the same as my approach to cycling: full speed and no brakes until the end of the ride. In my case I hope that is not for a long time but join me for as long as the ride lasts.

In Milan, Italy

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