Riding the Rural Routes

It seems that I am always looking forward to some new travel or cycling adventure. As noted in earlier blog posts, we are booked to the end of 2016. Today we started contacting friends and relatives to invite them to join us in France in 2017. I am looking forward to riding roads in the Eastern US, France, Thailand and Vietnam over the next 14-15 months. Indeed, I am so future focused that I often forget to stop and enjoy the paradise I inhabit. Riding the rural routes of Union County, North Carolina would be a delight that any cyclist would gladly embrace and celebrate. Yet, on most days, I do not even give these roads a second thought. I simply jump on my bike and go. Let me see if I can atone for that today with a small visual tour of some of the rural routes that await me each morning.

Most of the roads are well paved with little or no traffic.

Bike Depot, our local bike shop is only 12 miles away. They offer a regular Saturday Champagne Ride.

The local livestock is friendly. At times you may be confused as to which state you are riding in but it is always interesting.

There are times when I think I could pick a different route each day.

At the end of the ride I always have the option of stopping for a snack in one of the small towns or riding home for lunch and a nap.

Maybe you should come visit us in Union County. It is a great place to ride even if I sometimes take it for granted.


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