EuroVelo 15, 2021: Days 3-5 VLOG #6

Visiting Remagen was an exciting piece of history being in the city were the Allies captured the last bridge over the Rhine and started the invasion of the German homeland. Some parts of the bridge remain but the riverfront is now occupied by hotels, restaurants, cafes, and tourists. Click here for video.

The next morning, I started out early to meet David Nagle in Kolbenz. David and I know each other only from a Face Book cycling group. When we realized we were both in Germany, we decided to meet in Kolbenz and cycle together for a couple of days.

Kolbenz to Rudesheim is one of the more beautiful sections of the Rhine. It was fun having another cyclist to share the experience with as we rolled past one historic site after another.

From Rudesheim, we cycled to Mainz where David took the train back to Frankfurt. I cycled on to Nierstein. Nierstein is noted as a wine region. The last section of the video is what I think is Hipping which is known as vineyard of the red slope. I spent the night at a Best Western, the only hotel with an available room.

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