EuroVelo 15, 2021: Day 1&2 Vlog #5

I made it to Europe, my bike was still in one piece, the weather was incredible, my friends’ hospitality was super, I was ready to travel to the Hook of Holland to start my EuroVelo 15 journey when the German train workers decided to go on strike. I always support better wages and working conditions for working men and women, but it was rather inconvenient timing for me. I was stuck in Krefeld with no way to either Holland or to Switzerland. Finally, my friends pointed out that I was only a short distance from the Rhine. Why not start the trip from Krefeld? 

So I did, the first day found me lost among the small towns along the Rhine but I finally found the EuroVelo 15 track and made it to Cologne, On day two, I cycled on to Remagen. The weather was perfect, and the river views were magnificent. Come along as I cycle the Rhine.

2 thoughts on “EuroVelo 15, 2021: Day 1&2 Vlog #5

  1. I was surprised to see you go North from Cologne Main Station for the first 15 minutes.
    I mean this is my home area and I expected you to turn south there and was curious IF the construction sites were up.

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    1. Andreas Schaefer it was just a dumb mistake. The morning was beautiful, the river was wonderful and without thinking to check directions I just started cycling. It was hard to believe that after so much planning and a two year delay, I was cycling the Rhine. I then realized I was cycling in the wrong direction.


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