EuroVelo 15, 2021: It’s on!

 Growing up in South Charleston, I always wanted to get out. A steady diet of Hemingway and Miller novels, more than a few Bogart films, and the myth of Woody Guthrie put me on the road hitchhiking the Eastern half of the US during my undergraduate years but I did not make it to Europe until my late 40s. I had wanted to go much earlier but the absence of a passport, and the total absence of money, made that an impossible dream. I have really enjoyed my trips to Europe but the teenage dream of hitchhiking around the Continent or bicycling from city to city kept floating around in my brain. This Fall I plan to fulfill that dream by bicycling from Basel, Switzerland along the Rhine River to the Hook of Holland. If the same dream has rattled about in your head all these years then please join me on September 7th as I depart Basel. You can also follow on YouTube or here on my blog.

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