EUROVELO 2020: Packing List

As I mentioned in my last EuroVelo 2020 post, we are planning to cycle hotel-to-hotel from Basel to the sea in June. An important disclaimer before you continue, we have no idea what we are doing. At least, we have no idea in the experiential sense of knowledge. We have no long-distance touring experiences from the past that we can call on to inform our planned trip. Instead, we have been reading blogs, reviewing articles, and exploring YouTube videos. We know we don’t want to ride bikes that look like this:


All respect to people who do but that is not us. We want to travel as minimalists, hotel-to-hotel, on our road bikes with no more than a seat pack and a top tube bag. To make sure we have the correct bags, we decided to start with a packing list. Once we know what we are taking then we can decide which bikepack seat bag will best hold our stuff and fit our bikes.

As you review the list, you might see that several standard touring items are missing. We are not taking rain gear. If it is raining too hard then we will stay at the hotel an extra day or take the train. If it is a light rain in warm weather, then we will ride. The tool kit is what I use on a one-day ride. How many times have you had such a severe mechanical problem that you could not get home? We will be on either EuroVelo 6 or 15 which means we will always be close to towns, bike shops and trains. I never carry a bike lock. If my bike cannot go where I go then I do not go. The EuroVelo site has a bike friendly hotel list so our bikes will always be with us or locked away.

Seat Bag

1 cycling kit plus the one I am cycling in that day

Wind vest (still uncertain if this is needed)

2 sets of street clothes (2 quick dry t-shirts, 2 quick-dry underwear, and 1 pair of shorts or convertible pants)

1 pair of flip flops or sandals

Toothbrush, tooth paste and floss

Razor and shaving cream

Triple antibiotic cream

6 medication bottles

1 bottle Tylenol

Toenail and nail clippers

Chamois cream


1 inner tube

2 CO2 cartridges and inflator

Small handpump


Tire levers

Small bottle chain lube

Top Tube Bag

Lip balm

2 charging cords

2 adaptors


Portable charger

Maps (debating using phone only)

Travel wallet


Reading glasses

Hand sanitizer

Small magnifying glass (maps are harder to read each year)

OK! What have we missed? Please let us know what you would add, or delete.



9 thoughts on “EUROVELO 2020: Packing List

  1. I would take the wind vest and reconsider the bike locks. What if you want to bike out to a sightseeing spot? Living near SF I can tell you we have had all sorts of thefts – even the seat bar- necessitating seat locks if we want to take the bikes to SF. Also don’t forget the art supplies 😊

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  2. Depending on what you mean by windvest I would recommend taking it.. I have a fantastic windjacket that stuffs into it’s own pocket, something about half the size of my fist. That would be ideal. Parts of the Rhein were really windy when I did them last year.
    Also, you don’t seem to have anything warm (jumper, long sleeved anything) on the list.. I know you’re going to be indoors at night, but (depending on the summer) sometimes it’s nice not to have to shiver and bare it..

    I don’t have a fantastic lock, but I definitely recommend taking one, even if only so you can leave your bikes outside a restaurant despite not getting a window seat.

    The Rhein route is pretty well signposted (at least in Germany), not sure if you really need paper maps, unless you want to go off the route. Mobile signal isn’t always great, so save the maps you need in advance..


      1. No, not that one or the French coast. In retrospect I wish had written one, at the time I wanted to “just be”, and spend time with the people I was with.
        I wrote a private one for my solo trip along the west coast of Sweden (Falsterbo to Gothenburg along the Sydkustleden and Kattegattleden – fantastic trip, thoroughly recommended :)) and am planning a public one for the Baltic ride next year (EuroVelo 10)

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      2. They were 🙂
        I start at the end of April/beginning of May – the blog will probably appear a few weeks beforehand.

        Do you have travel blogging tips? (I’m not looking to get rich, or attract hundreds of thousands of visitors, more like, do you recommend writing daily or weekly updates, separate posts about places you visit, general overviews, etc etc etc )


  3. We are planning for a June 7th start from Basel. I am not sure I have any good blogging tips. I always share my posts on FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn to expand my viewers/readers. While I do not always follow the rule it is good to post on the same day and time each week if possible. If not each week then always the same time and day of the week. Readers seem to be more visual learners today so I always include photos, videos and use some YouTube links . Hope this is of some value.


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