Random Photos of Italy

We love Italy and visit at every opportunity. Last summer we spent some 8 weeks in Naples, Rome and Florence. Alla spent a month in painting workshops at the Florence Academy of Art. Together, we took hundreds of photos. I always struggle with ways to share those photos on the blog. In looking at some photos today, I decided to simply share a few random photos of Italy. It wouldn’t be Italy without great coffee and pastries. Indeed, does any country do coffee better than Italy?


This summer marked our first trip to Naples. It is gritty, dirty, vibrant, home to an incredible history. The National Museum of Archaeology was a surprise. We know art, we know art history, and of course we knew about the sexually explicit art of Pompeii. When you visit the Museum, you realize that your art history class probably did not fully explain how much the Roman’s liked depictions of sex in all forms, shapes, and with all species.



One of the primary goals of the trip was to allow Alla to paint. She spent her days painting 6 hours a day and also managed a night session painting the Ponte Vecchio.


Finally, while she spent her days painting. I occasionally walked in the city to capture a few photographs. I would have loved to explore every alley and small backstreet but there was not enough time. I think we need to return for another summer.



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