EuroVelo 2020

For the past 18 months, I have been talking about cycling across Europe in 2020 on one of the EuroVelo routes. Indeed, I have been talking about it so much that this past summer in Italy, my wife, who is only a casual cyclist, said “that sounds like fun I want to join you.” It will be fun and I am excited that she wants to ride with me. Our plan is to cycle 30-35 miles, 50-60 kilometers, per day and stay at small bike friendly hotels and B&B’s along the route. As we have started to plan for the Summer 2020 trip, I have been disappointed with the information and videos I have located. What I have found is not necessarily bad- OK some of it is bad, really bad- but rather it is not specific to our needs. For example, if we wanted to camp, there is a wealth of information on camping, camping equipment, camping sites, wild camping and more camping, but we have no desire to sleep on the ground. If god had wanted us to sleep on the ground, then she would not have given us hotels. We want travel as minimalists but the articles we have found on ultralight bike packing typically include a seat pack, a frame bag, handlebar bag and top tube bag. We only want to carry a seat bag and a small top tube bag. If it does not fit into those two bags, or a jersey pocket, then it is not going. I am assuming we are not the only cyclists who have found that the information we want for credit card, inn-to-inn, minimalist cycle travel is not readily available. We cannot completely remedy that but we can share our preparation and planning as we get ready for a June 2020 trip across Europe.

We have not finalized our route but we are leaning towards either EuroVelo 15

or EuroVelo 6

but either one looks like an epic adventure.

Over the next the next 7 months, we will blog once a month, possibly more often, on our preparation and progress towards a June departure. Specifically, we will discuss:

  1. Bike selection
  2. Route information
  3. What to take
  4. Bag selection
  5. How to transport your bike
  6. Training
  7. Booking travel and rooms
  8. And more as we learn more about what we are doing.

If you have time and interest, then join us in Basel, or along the way, as we cycle to the Atlantic. It is going to be fun.


2 thoughts on “EuroVelo 2020

  1. Wonderful! My best friend lives in Basel and I’ll probably end my own trip there around June 30th. I’ll be in the U,K, Wales, Germany and Denmark.

    Looking forward to following your travels!

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