Best Retirement Ever

Former professional cyclist Phil Gaimon has a series of social media posts under the heading of Worst Retirement Ever. It is a tongue-in-cheek title which becomes evident when you watch a few of his YouTube posts. If I were to change the name of my blog then it would have to Best Retirement Ever. Much of what makes it so great is my incredible wife and life partner who loves to travel and is supportive of my cycling and cycle travel. Thanks to her, 2020 is shaping up to be another “once in a lifetime” year with cycling trips to Mexico, Europe and Thailand.

First up is a February cycling trip to Bucerias, Mexico to ride with Bici Bucerias. I found them through VeloGuide, which is a wonderful resource if you are not already familiar with it then take a look at their site. Joel Goralski of Bici is one of the founders of VeloGuide and lives with his family in Bucerias a beautiful small town just a few miles from Puerto Vallarta. While the majority of riders in the US and other parts of the world will be cursing winter, I will be cycling in the warm, Mexican sun, eating fabulous food and relaxing on the beach after a day of riding.

In June we are headed to Europe to cycle EuroVelo 15 better known as the Rhine River Route. I am really excited that Alla decided she wanted to ride the route as well. We will start in Basel, Switzerland and cycle to the Hook of Holland. We will travel as minimalists cycling inn-to-inn. We only want to carry a seat bag and a small top tube bag. If it does not fit into those two bags, or a jersey pocket, then it is not going. My guess is it will take us two-three weeks to complete the journey. Afterwards we will stay in Europe visiting museums in Belgium and Holland. You are invited to join us for a June departure from Basel.

The year will end with a trip to Thailand to cycle with SpiceRoads again. This will be my sixth trip with them. I blogged about the planned trip last week so I will not repeat it here. I will share my excitement about cycling on the River Kwai for the first time.  You are invited to join me on the trip. The historical and natural sights of Kanchanaburi, the beautiful Sri Nakarin reservoir, and the seven-tiered waterfall of Erawan National Park should make for a magical trip.

I am sorry that Phil Gaimon is having the worst retirement ever, but I think I am having the best retirement ever. As I look at 2020, it seems it will only get better.


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