Florence Street Art

We spent most of June and July in Florence, Italy where Alla took two painting workshops at the Florence Academy of Art. It was great spending so much time in the city, living in a neighborhood east of the center, and developing a local identity. We got to know the people at the local café, drank Campari Spritz during aperitivo at our local bar, earned a loyalty card at the supermarket, and were welcomed as regulars at the seafood restaurant just down the street. Still, I had most of the day free while Alla was in class. I wanted to rent a bicycle, but the rental prices were ridicoli. It was the hottest summer on record, so I decided to postpone my return to running. To help fill the time, I explored the street art of Florence.

Some of the art is what you would expect which is to say ugly but some of the street artists are very talented and even sign and date their work. Here are a few examples:


Several went to the expense of creating posters of their work which were then pasted onto the walls of buildings.


Still others where stencil or word artists:


The next time you visit Florence, do visit the Uffizi, but make a little time for street art as well. You might spot a future Banksy, Blu, or C215 before the rest of the world catches on.


3 thoughts on “Florence Street Art

  1. Lots of talent there! I love them! Next time you are in San Francisco be sure to go to the Precita Eyes Center and learn about the street murals in the area and go on their self guided walking tour. Some of the nearby alleys, starting with Balmy Alley, are amazing!

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