VLOG: Lunch at La Paz

When you do a search for Portales and/or Clovis on the Internet, the vast majority of the results are negative. These include: nothing to do, too small, no place to eat, small minded people, dust storms, tumble weeds, and no place to shop. So far, we have found the reality to be very different. This is especially true when it comes to places to dine. Portales is full of small restaurants and cafes. We have already enjoyed the Something Different Grill, the Cattle Baron and Thai City. Excellent coffee can be found at Starbucks in the Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU) student center, the Do Drop In and Sweetwaters at Landalls. The finest in craft beers await you at the Roosevelt Brewing Company and Public House. Since this is New Mexico, formerly Mexico, and the land of green and red chilies, then it should be no surprise that great Mexican food is easy to find. Join us for lunch at La Paz and then we will take you to the ENMU campus.




4 thoughts on “VLOG: Lunch at La Paz

  1. Let me add a little correction – it was not a “vast number “ of results that we found. It was about two total. Out of the two one was kinda negative – “nothing to do here” – and another just did not do a good job in making a place look appealing. We knew that this can’t be true since many people who we knew, really enjoyed living in Portales. We loved it in our first two visits and hope to get to know it better soon. Thank you, Michael, for working to change Portales’ representation online to shine its best!

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