Our first week in Avignon is coming to an end. It started rather eventfully when we arrived in Marseilles safe and sound only to find that my bicycle had been rather badly abused during the flight. As you can see from the photos, she left Charlotte safely enclosed in her Thule travel case. By the time she reached MRS, the case was badly damaged. The bike seems to be OK and Lufthansa claims they will pay for a new case.

The apartment we found through is incredible. We highly recommend the site and its sister sites for apartments around the world. Our location is perfect. We are steps from the Papal Palace, walking distance to the train station, grocery store and fresh market. We are on the fourth floor, without a lift, so daily exercise is mandatory.

The apartment is just around the corner from the Rue Republic and a major square but we are a world away.

For the first week, we rented a car so we could visit Arles, Pont du Gard, St. Gilles du Gard, St. Remey, Sault, and Vaison la Romaine and a few other places. I had thought this post would consist of photos from those cities but with over 900 photos, I had to rethink that idea. Watch for posts on each of those trips in the next few days. Follow me on Instagram as well.

Even with our daily trips to the surrounding cities, we have had time to walk in Avignon. It is a beautiful old city. The Papal Palace, Papal Square, and the intact wall built to protect what was then the center of Christendom dominate the city and attract huge numbers of tourists. Many of the tourists are just here for the day so in the evening the city is quite again. Here are a few images from the Papal Square:

It is a great place to have a coffee or a cold drink and watch the tourists take selfies. Here are a few more photos taken in the Square and at the wall.

Of course no post on Avignon would be complete without a photo of the Pont d’ Avignon.  IMG_3999

Next stop Saint Remy as we go in search of Van Gogh. See you soon





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