Art All Around

My dental appointment is scheduled for October so I will just have to live with a small gap at the right edge of my smile until then. We really enjoyed the art during our last trip to Costa Rica so I am looking forward to another round of art tourism. We were fortunate to see classical art, an art fair and some very vibrant street art. The biggest surprise was the national art museum where we found not only a strong regional collection but a special exhibit of Albrecht Dürer prints.

I will be staying in Escazú again. The area is considered to be one of the most posh, trendy and upscale suburbs of the San José metropolitan area and my dentist’s office is there.  During our last trip, it lived up to its reputation with a splendid art fair. I hope I am fortunate enough to see a repeat of local and regional artists such as these:

Last, I am looking forward to seeing the street art again. I am not sure if its is considered Latino or Tico, but it is bold and vibrant.



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