Back to Costa Rica

Many years ago, an older colleague of mine shared a conversation she had had with her doctor in which she complained that her body had started to betray and fail her. The doctor responded that in fact our bodies start betraying us when we are young but that we only notice it in our old age. I fear I have reached that age. Last week I learned that I have a crack in the root of a molar and it cannot be repaired thus it must be extracted. As unpleasant as the news was, the response from my insurance company was absolutely distressing. They will pay for the extraction but not for an implant and crown.

Absent a tooth, both my winning smile and my ability to eat will be seriously impaired so it seems I am off to Costa Rica again. That should give you some idea of the cost of dental care in America. I can fly to Costa Rica twice, have the dental work completed, enjoy a small vacation, and pay just a few dollars more than I would have to pay if I had the work done in the US.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Advance Dental is everything you want your dental office to be. I called Andrea “Andy” Acosta who once again took care of all the scheduling, gave me a list of hotels with which Advance Dental has special rates, and provided a detailed estimate of costs. While one never looks forward to visiting the dentist, my earlier experience with Dr. Eugenio J. Brenes was so positive that I have no qualms about seeing him again. He is an excellent dentist and a nice person with a good sense of humor.

As unhappy as I am about my tooth betraying and failing me, I understand how fortunate I am. Across America, millions of people are without dental insurance and certainly do not have the wherewithal to fly to Costa Rica to have their dental work done. I will stop complaining, enjoy the trip and post photos.


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