60 Days and Counting

Winter is slowly releasing its icy grip on the East Coast of America. The last dying gasps of winter have kept the more sane among us off the roads. I have retreated to my trainer, the virtual reality of Zwift and to Planet Fitness for gym work. I am anxiously awaiting the end of the semester so Alla and I can depart for France and the sweet sunshine of Provence. While I wait, I find myself looking at old photos and videos to remind me of the warmer days of the year.

This year I plan to take a few more videos. I have a YouTube channel as a location for video storage. I am not expecting a huge following but that is not the real reason for creating the videos. Look at this video I made of cycling through the rice fields of Thailand, feel the sun on your back, the sweet smell of the local plants, the moist wind in your face, farmers preparing the rice harvest on the roadside and small children yelling “Hello! Hello!” as you cycle by on your way to Bangkok.

Now you understand how nice it is to review one of my travel videos on an icy day while I wonder if spring will ever come. Sixty days and counting till Avignon.


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