Will Cycle for Coffee

My mental stereotype of Thailand has always been of a nation of tea drinkers. This may have been true at one time but today Thailand is a hotbed of coffee shops and coffee drinkers. This proved to be a good fit with the group I cycled with from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. They often asked Aum, our guide, if we could schedule our breaks to coincide with a coffee shop. On most occasions he was able to accommodate our requests. I was surprised at his ability to find first rate coffee shops in some rather rural areas of Thailand. When he was unable to do so he had canned coffee in the coolers.

We were not the first cyclists to cycle for coffee. Several of the coffee shops were also centers for local cyclists and clubs.

Indeed, we fit right in with our willingness to cycle for coffee. Luckily for us, the UCI does not consider a caffeine fix to be a PED.


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