Planning for Provence

What do travel bloggers do when they are not traveling? They dream of traveling and plan new trips. We are in the middle of planning a two month trip to Provence for 2017 that will see us spending a month in Avignon followed by a month on the Côte d’Azur. Provence has long been a magnet for artists, foodies, and cyclists. If you are not familiar with Avignon, then allow Rick Steves to give you a complete overview in less than three minutes.

We have an apartment in Avignon and are now reviewing apartments on the Riviera. I am leaning towards Nice because it has excellent museums, great food, the beach and is close to some legendary cycling. In some ways the final selection is immaterial because the train runs along the coast much like a local bus system. Once settled, you can take day trips to any of the famous Riviera cities. Take a quick look at this NY Times 36 Hours in Nice video and you may decide you want to join us.

Alla will be painting plein air in the tradition of the great European artists who came to Provence for the light, as well as the food and wine. Of course I am excited about art but I really want to test myself against these two historic climbs. Bring your bike and join me in Provence in 2017.


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