When I blog about Honolulu and Hawaii, I normally write about the great food, wonderful weather, the natural beauty of the landscape and the beaches, or about the monuments and memorials. It is an incredible state but like any of the states, it has an underbelly that the tourists, as well as many of the locals, never see. It is understandable that people do not want to go on vacation to see the homeless, families living under the highways, or children bathing in the backwaters of Pearl Harbor. Hawaii has an enormous homeless problem and not seeing them does not make their plight any less.  In May of this year, I cycled from King Street near the Honolulu Museum of Art to the Nimitz Bike Path, past Pearl Harbor to the end of the Aiea Bike Path. It is along the bike paths, in the parks and under the highway that many of the homeless find shelter. This 55 minute video records my trip from the start of the Nimitz Bike Path to the end of the Aiea Bike Path. If it is too long for you to watch now then bookmark and save it for a day when you cannot ride outside, then put your bike on a trainer and ride along with me.


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