What’s Your Theme Song?

If you are to be the hero of your own life, and you should be, then you need a theme song. If you are a movie fan then you know that every hero has a theme song. If not then watch as Bernie Casey explains it to Keenen Ivory Wayans.

It is not easy to find a theme song for a cyclist. This is not to say there are not some great road songs but most of them do not fit cyclists. Chris Rea’s Road to Hell is a great song but as a warning not as a theme song. The same might be said of AC/DC’s Highway to Hell.  I am not a Queen fan so that eliminates Bicycle Race. Kraftwerk recorded an entire album of Tour de France music but I am not a techno fan. You may think I am being too picky but it is important to select the right theme music. Pick the wrong theme song and you could end up like Fly Guy and no one wants that.

I have been playing with Johnny Cash and I Have Been Everywhere Man does capture the travel aspect of my life. Recently, I found La Buena Vida – En Bicicleta which is just a beautiful bicycle and love song. Its mellow mood fits my life.

Maybe it is difficult to find a theme song because cyclists are a little outside the mainstream. Or maybe it is because one theme song is not enough for any one of us. We are complex, multifaceted humans not one dimensional movie action heroes presented in a formulaic two dimensional format. We need musical soundtracks to accompany our lives. Instead of a theme, I think I will start creating a musical score that will include cycling, travel, art and family.  While I do, this great CCR song will serve as a theme song as I move on up the road. I am ready to seek new adventures just up around the bend. I have no idea what I will find there but before I arrive I will have full playlist ready as a score for the journey.


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