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Wow! It is hard to believe that we were traveling for almost six-weeks. Even harder to believe is that I have not posted since early May and July is just a day away as I prepare this blog post. We had a great time on the road. We were in Honolulu for three-weeks. We love Hawaii because you are always close to the beach and the rugged volcanic ridges are great for cycling and hiking. After Hawaii, we came home for a few days to do laundry and then hit the road for West Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York for vacations with family. Seeing Fallingwater for the first time was incredible. Our visit to Lake George was also a first and a great way to create a mental image for future readings of the Leatherstocking tales. Visiting with family was best of all. While I was not blogging during our travels, you could have seen it with us if you were following me on Twitter and Instagram. Let me share a few photos from the trip and then start work on some longer blog posts from our wonderful travels. In the meantime, please follow me so you do not miss any of our photos, posts and tweets from the road.


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