Maui Wowie

Leaving the Big Island and flying into Maui produced a sudden stream of consciousness that would have made James Joyce or Virginia Woolf proud. As you know, stream of consciousness writing is form of interior monologue characterized by associative leaps in thought. My interior monologue was swirling around the mythical Maui Wowie which I had pursued in my youth. If you are of a certain age then Maui Wowie needs no introduction. If not then Cheech and Chong can provide an introduction.

Of course we were seeking a cleaner version and would have used smaller papers. Maui Wowie is not just a dream weed of old hippies and stoners. In 1998’s Half Baked, Dave Chapelle and friends break into a marijuana storage room. Dave’s eye immediately goes to the Maui Wowie after which he checks to see if he has had an orgasm.

Kid Cudi devoted a song to Maui Wowie. There are other reasons to return to the islands but he makes a good case for Maui Wowie. Of course Honolulu is not on Maui but I guess it is more recognizable and easier to fit Honolulu into a song as opposed to say Kahului.

Our search for Maui Wowie never bore fruit. We gave up and moved on to other delights. Indeed we often wondered if it truly existed or if it was like the Holy Grail. My life no longer includes marijuana, even if it is legal in several states, but after Maui I decided to do a quick Internet search. Maui Wowie is real and one reviewer described it as “a classic sativa whose tropical flavors and stress-relieving qualities will float you straight to the shores of Hawaii.” Sounds tempting.


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