Cycling Oahu

While Hawaii is noted for its cycling, this generally does not include road cycling on Oahu. The island, particularly the Honolulu area, tends to be congested with traffic and with little space on the road for cyclists. This is not to say that HDOT and local bicycle groups are not trying. There are several bicycle routes, lanes and paths. I rode from the Tripler Army Medical Center neighborhood to the Aiea area via a bike route, bike lane and then a bike path. I also rode on the Nimitz bike path, bike routes and a bike lane into the Waikiki section of Honolulu.

One of the problems with development to date is that many of the routes have gaps where there is no connecting route, path, or lane to the next section. The Salt Lake Boulevard route simply ends on a hill leaving you on a road with no shoulder and then starts again after less than a mile. Unless you are comfortable and skilled at riding in heavy traffic, you are in serious trouble. Even if you are a skilled rider, it is no fun finding yourself in traffic like this.

City Traffic

The bike paths are a welcome addition and may be the start of changing the car culture. You encounter a number of interesting sites along the bike paths.

You also see the homeless problem when you cycle on the bike paths. Many homeless people have established encampments along the bike paths especially the Nimitz bike path. It is sad to see people living under an express way. I wanted to take photos but it seemed wrong to invade what little privacy they had living under a road. The governor declared a state of emergency late in 2015 as part of a response to the homelessness issue.

I am still exploring the island but my favorite ride to date is the Tantalus-Round Top Drive ride. The views and the ride down more than compensate for the climb. Here is a clip of the descent.

If you are not a cyclist then drive up for the views.

While I am home now the cold weather already has me plotting a return to Oahu. My next ride will be from Waikiki to Makapu’u Beach.


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