Making New Memories

I hope you have enjoyed my recent series of post about my experience cycling in Thailand with SpiceRoads Cycle Tours. As much as I enjoyed the experience and sharing it with you, it is time to make some new memories. One cannot live solely on old memories. Alla and I are leaving for Costa Rica on Sunday to enjoy some new shared experiences. I may not be able to post again until December 3rd as we will be traveling and may not have Internet. You can follow Twitter and Instagram posts by clicking on the menu bars in the upper right hand corner of this page. Alternatively, you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

Our first stop will be San Jose. If you have a chance to visit Costa Rica then ignore the guide books and spend a few days getting to know this cosmopolitan, capital city. I have posted on San Jose before so I will not repeat the post but you can see it here. Normally we would not retrace our steps but we have to be in San Jose to complete some dental work. This trip we will stay at the Marriot Residence Inn on the Avenida Escazú. First order of business will be to visit any restaurants and cafes we might have missed on the Avenida Escazú or the nearby Plaza Tempo. We will definitely check the concert schedule at the Teatro Nacional de Costa Rica.

What really has us excited about this trip is our planned drive from San Jose to the Pacific Coast.  We selected Playa Bejuco in Esterillos as our base. Esterillos is noted for the absence of crowds, chocolate colored beaches, and great surf. The hotel claims that “you may never see another person as you stroll down the beaches where palms and almond trees line the forest edge and the clear blue waters.” This sounds good as we are not looking for a busy beach but a quiet place to enjoy the sun, the sand and the ocean.

Jacó is just a short drive from the hotel. From what we have learned, Jacó was the first town on the central Pacific coast to become a major tourist draw.  It is still a draw for backpackers, surfers, snowbirds and realtors hoping to be featured on House Hunters International. We like a good party but for this trip we will skip the students, surfers and working girls of Jacó for a more subdued setting. We might stop for lunch on the way to visit Manuel Antonio National Park.

The Park is the smallest in Costa Rica but reportedly the most beautiful. The staff at the Marriot and our dental office both raved about Manuel Antonio National Park. They claim it has:  some of the most impressive landscapes in the world, several coves with white sand beaches, great mountains with lush foliage and forests that reach down to the beaches and beautiful coral reefs. We will take lots of photos and videos.

We are looking forward to creating new memories and sharing them with you. We will be back soon with new blog posts and photos.


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