And The Oscar Goes To . . .

I bought a GarminVIRB XE to record travel and to play with creating travel videos. I filmed a few hours while riding in Thailand. I also used my iPhone 6 to make a series of 15 second videos to upload to Instagram as I traveled. I doubt I will be in the running for the Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Film but I am still going to share a few of the films here. One of the things I have learned from hanging out with artists is that you need an almost incomprehensible Artist Statement to go with your work. The denser the better because if your work is not good then the viewer will blame him or herself for not understanding the art rather than condemning the work as little more than pretentious crap.

First the artist’s statement, then the art: My work explores the relationship between cycling, the body and recycling culture.

With influences as diverse as Rousseau and Joni Mitchell, new insights are generated from constructed, deconstructed, reconstructed and discovered textures in our embedded intellectual milieu.

Ever since I was a postgraduate I have been fascinated by the unrelenting divergence of the mind. What starts out as vision soon becomes debased into a cacophony of defeat, leaving only a sense of unreality and the chance of a new beginning separated from the old realities.

As shifting forms become clarified through boundaried and repetitive practice, the viewer is left with a hymn to the outposts of our condition. It is through this lens that my work can be understood.

Now that you have a context for my work here are the videos. The road from Bangkok has few true hills so we enjoyed those rare chances to go downhill. This is a descent from a hilltop wat where many Thais were lighting strings of firecrackers to help send their prayers to heaven. It was unsettling when they first ones started going off.

Cycling Thailand

I am not a fan of city riding but it was actually fun in Thailand. Bicycles are accepted as part of the culture in a way that they are not in the US. Of course it may have been fun because we only rode in city traffic 3-4 times during the trip.

City Riding

Riding out of town early in the morning was also fun as people waved goodbye to us and local traffic shared the road.

Leaving Town

I love riding downhill and will suffer the uphill’s just for the thrill of going fast downhill. As noted above, we did not have many of those opportunities on the road to Phuket. This was our longest run.

Longest Run

Finally, please do not tell anyone that these are actually simple videos shot for fun and personal memories. I could lose my standing as a self-proclaimed artist.



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