Sights and Sounds from The Road

Looking back at the Bangkok-Phuket tour, it could easily have been a disaster. We were 15 riders from 7 different countries, had never ridden together, had language and cultural differences, and rode at different paces. The youngest rider was in their early 30s and the oldest was in their early 70s. It would have been easy to find small things to whine about and overlook all the wonderful sights and sounds we experienced everyday as we rode South towards Phuket. Thailand is a Buddhist country so perhaps we were unconsciously following the teachings of the Four Noble Truths. Whatever the reason we formed a nice cycling sangha that helped us all enjoy the trip and experience parts of Thailand that are missed many visitors. Let me share some of those with you.

The Buddhist wats, or temples, and Buddha statues were everywhere. I never tired of looking them.

Buddhist Wat
Buddhist Temple

Some were surrounded by animals. I liked these which appeared to be guardian roosters. We also saw elephants at a number of temples.

temple roosters

One would also see small shrines for offerings and prayers. I saw them near hotels, in service station parking lots, and along the road. You could leave fruit, drink and incense.

Small Shrine

The rubber plantations were especially interesting to me. Most now operate at a low level of productivity but are absolutely beautiful to look at as you ride by.

Rubber Trees

When we rode across Thailand from the Gulf of Thailand to the Andaman Sea, we were treated with various signs for waterfalls. Most were too far off the road for us to stop but we did get to see this spectacular waterfall which had a welcome cooling effect on a rather hot day.

Thai water
Thai Stream
Cool Stream

We were never far from the beach.

Near Hua Hin
Thai beach
Thai Beach
Near Phuket

Recalling the sights and sounds of the trip through these photos makes it easy to understand why so many of the riders were repeat customers. One rider had been on 6 trips with SpiceRoads and several had been on 2 or more trips. I am certainly coming back for another tour.


4 thoughts on “Sights and Sounds from The Road

    1. Hi Donna, You need to come to Bangkok!! Great place to visit for the sights, people, great food and, of course, the cycling! If you want any help choosing a tour let me know. We have a great range of trips from day tours to across country explorations for a range of levels and styles. Cycling is the best way to experience a country. If you need any help, feel free to send me an email or check out our website
      Cheers, Sally
      Marketing Manager SpiceRoads Cycle Tours

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