Boarding Gate

Prepare for Departure

I am ready and waiting for what will be the first leg of my trip to Thailand. Today, I am going from CLT to HNL where I will visit with my younger daughter for a few days. Before leaving I need to publicly thank the incredible staff at the Physical Therapy Center in Monroe, NC.  When I awoke on August 18th, I was all but certain this trip would have to be canceled. My right arm was literally frozen at the shoulder. Any attempt to move it was met with incredible pain. Needless to say you cannot bicycle 500 miles with one arm so in addition to my physical pain I was feeling depressed about the prospect of canceling the trip. Thanks to Todd, Jen, Clint, Travis and the entire staff, I am now riding pain free. I hope you never need to see a physical therapist but if you do then I hope they are as professional, personal and caring as the staff at the PT Center.

I may not post as often in the coming weeks but you can still see my Twitter and Instagram posts by clicking on the three parallel bars near the top right corner of the page. Check back here for new blog posts or Follow to have notices sent to you. The plane only waits in movies so I am off. Have a great weekend!



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