Local Shrine

Bangkok Bound

Twenty-one days from today I will arrive in Bangkok on a late evening flight from Honolulu. I am really excited about riding from Bangkok to Phuket with Spice Roads Cycle Tours. While I have cycled abroad before, this will be the first time I have traveled with a tour company. I am also excited about visiting Bangkok again. I have added two days to both the beginning and the end of the trip to allow time to visit the sites in Bangkok.

When you tell people you are going to Bangkok the response is often a smirk or a little laugh before they ask why you are going. I have never had that response when I have mentioned that I am traveling to Amsterdam. It is sad that they know so little about the city and the country that they immediately assume that the sex trade is the only reason anyone would travel there. Their reactions reveal more about their ignorance and bias then it does about Bangkok.

Bangkok is a cultural powerhouse. First on my list will be a return visit to the Grand Palace and Wat Prakaew. Built in 1782, this is the home of Thai Kings and the royal court.  Wat Pra Kaew enshrines the Emerald Buddha which was carved from a single block of emerald. All of my Thailand photos were lost so I can only offer images grabbed from the Web. Once there, I will replenish my photos and blog a few from Thailand.

Thai Grand Palace

The reclining Buddha at Wat Pho is gigantic.Buddha

The silhouette of Wat Arun’s towering spires is one of the most recognized in Southeast Asia. Constructed in an ancient Khmer style, the glazed porcelain is stunning up close.

Temple of Dawn Thailand

Four days will not be enough to retrace my previous visits, retake photos and create new travel stories. The above sites plus the weekend market, the floating market, a boat trip on the river and canals, a visit to one of the many roof top restaurants or bars for a night view of Bangkok, Jim Thompson’s House, and a search for the perfect Pad Thai will take more than the four days I have. Still, I will give it my all for you dear reader.


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    1. I have been to Central Asia and Thailand. I would like to see more. In Thailand, little shrines like this one are common. Someone makes it and then people leave food and incense. Someone cleans it. I was in a hotel near this shrine which was refreshed daily even tho I never saw who did it

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