Stained Glass

A Moment of Silence

When I travel, I always like to visit churches and other places of worship. I am neither a religious person nor even a spiritual one. Still, I find these places of worship offer a tremendous sense of serenity. In busy cities, they also provide a moment of calm solitude. Many of the great cathedrals of Europe still house incredible art collections as well.

In visiting, travelers often seek out the stunning, grand cathedrals and it is easy to see why.

Milan, Italy

It is amazing how everything changes when you step off the street and into a different world.

Milan Street

This is especially true when you enter the small, quite masterpieces of design found in many of the lesser known churches. The entire world changes in just a matter of a few steps.


Church SceneChurch Arch

For the ultimate in solitude and serenity, visit the cloisters. Below is a minute in the cloisters of Santa Maria del Carmine in Florence. It is famous for the Brancacci Chapel which houses outstanding Renaissance frescoes by Masaccio and Masolino da Panicale Lippi. We visited because many art historians cite these frescoes as the beginning of modern painting. The silence  was almost overwhelming.


2 thoughts on “A Moment of Silence

  1. You are so right – I just love to go to cathedrals and small churches in Europe. So many beautiful works of art and they are really all different from each other! I also like to try to get a holy card if I can while there.


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