Italian Wine

Food, Glorious Food

Returning from Europe always leaves me feeling nostalgic for fresh fruits, vegetables, and locally produced products. If you want to enjoy great recipes like those found in April’s Summer Kitchen then you need local products. If your town is like mine then the farmer’s market is only open on Saturday morning for a few months out of the year. The produce from the supermarket is just not the same. I have lived in places where you could not buy any fruits and vegetables so I appreciate the local Harris Teeter but it is just not the same.

Now that I am in the full grip of nostalgic, let me share some photos of the ubiquitous little stores and markets we enjoyed on our trips to Europe. The Italians make the best coffee and there is no better way to start the day.

Italian Coffee

In Paris, a morning trip to the boulangerie or patisserie was always rewarded with fresh warm breads and pastries. The young women in the shop near our apartment were always amused at my Francophone efforts but they always made sure I had everything I needed.

French Bakery

It seemed that every few streets in Milan and Florence offered a market that would be the envy of any American farmers’ market.

Florence Italy

Florence Market

Florence Italy

The gelato was better than any ice cream I have eaten in the States. The best way to eat it is to lie to yourself and claim that the reason it is so rich and light is because the calories have been removed.

Milan Gelato

No day would be complete without a glass of red wine for your health. The local wines do not have preservatives. If you drink in moderation you should never have a headache. Alla vostra salute!

Italian Wine


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