Santo Spirito

In Heaven and In Hell

I spent most of my early academic career in t-shirts and jeans. It was only as I took on various leadership roles that I began to migrate to dress shirts, sports coats and finally ties. My dress became more corporate as I took on higher level administrative roles. By the end of my career I was dressing like any other corporate type in conservative suites and ties.

I am now returning to my sartorial roots dressing in fine t-shirts, jeans, khakis, and cargo pants. My taste in t-shirts runs from solid colors to those with clever designs or text. I favor the funny over the profane and the clever over the crude. I would never wear a t-shirt with a designer’s name and a large price tag on it.

My current favorite t-shirt defines heaven and hell in a precise manner that can be understood by all Europeans as well as others who know a little about Europe. Here is the text:

In Heaven

  • The policemen are English
  • The cooks are French
  • The bankers are Belgian
  • The dancers are Spanish
  • The lovers are Italian
  • And it’s all organized by the Germans

In Hell

  • The policemen are French
  • The cooks are English
  • The bankers are Spanish
  • The dancers are Belgian
  • The lovers are German
  • And it’s all organized by the Italians

If you have a favorite t-shirt, please send it my way and I will post it.


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